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The University of Miami IEEE is proud to bring you UHack, a 24-hour hackathon. UHack will take place at the beginning of Engineering Week, from Saturday, February 20th, to Sunday, February 21st. Taking place in the Ballrooms of the Student Activity Center at the University of Miami, we are open to any student in the area who would like to take a break from their ordinary classes to make something fun and compete for some great prizes from our amazing sponsors. All for FREE.

This year, we are going to FIND THE DEVELOPER IN U and focus on building projects that can improve one’s lifestyle. This is completely open-ended, you can use any platform, framework, language, or hardware device you desire and configure it however you want for the benefit of making something better. You can start from scratch or hack something previously created in order to change/improve its functionality or purpose. If you want to make a real-life life-hack, this is the place to be!

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24 Hours of Code

UHack will be a 24-hour long event where all you have to worry about is your app. We'll provide food, drinks (and caffeine), sweets, games, and comfortable couches to keep you going for that long. Oh, and other goodies like prizes and sponsor-swag!

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Students Welcome

Are you a student (Hint- You don't have to be attending the University of Miami)? Would you like to hack along with other students in an awesome community, using cutting-edge technology, to create something new and useful to the world? UHack and the University of Miami open our doors and wall-outlets to you. So join us. Who knows? You might even win an awesome prize! UHack is also a great way to celebrate National E-Week.


Engineering Week

Engineering Week is the week in February when the students at the University of Miami celebrate engineering in all of its forms. Students from all departments at the College of Engineering take part in a number of cool engineering events, starting with UHack at the beginning of the week.

UHack wouldn't be possible without our great sponsors

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Meet the team

These are some of the people who organize UHack

Alexander Ruhlman


Cameron Phillips


Giovanni Pascotto Bonin


Evan Ercolano


Sea Amundsen


MLH Official - Spring 2016

The code of conduct that is upheld during UHack can be found here.