Research - Solid Waste Management

Assessment and Evaluation of Contamination in Single Stream Recycling Systems Due to Broken Glass and Other Non-recyclables

The objective of this study is to conduct an assessment on the contamination rates of material recovery facilities (MRFs) in Florida aiming to determine to which extent broken glass and other non-recyclables are responsible for the contamination of recovered material. Additionally, we will investigate which of the current methods that are applied to the MRFs (i.e., for sorting etc.) lead to reduced contamination rates. Finally, we will utilize on-site sampling and statistical quantitative assessment to evaluate the economics, feasibility, and value of collecting glass containers separately. This study will have significant benefits on multiple stakeholders of solid waste management system, and Floridian community at large from economic, technological, and environmental dimensions.

Project Media

TAG No.1 - July 14, 2017

TAG No.2 - March 9, 2018